Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Lawyers

By NetLZ Consulting

Why Law Firms need Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a very useful strategy that lawyers can use and greatly benefit from. Digital marketing is a flexible solution that can assist lawyers in various segments of the law including family, employment, criminal, civil and many other areas of practice; there is a digital marketing strategy available for every need. Marketing online varies significantly from traditional means of communicating a brand’s message. Most law firms are familiar with direct mailers, billboards and television commercials as their primary means of marketing. Today, digital marketing is reshaping the communications landscape by delivering timely messages to targeted audiences who are engaged with the content the law firm is providing. This content can be shared easily on the firm’s website, through blog posts, on their social media pages or via email marketing. Digital marketing for lawyers is an excellent way to augment a law firm’s current marketing efforts for a maximized approach.

The advantages of digital marketing are undeniable. Digital marketing is cost effective, easy to implement and is a reliable use of a law firm’s marketing resources. What is useful about digital marketing is its ability to tailor messages to customers, giving them a personal touch and also compelling them into action. Because this information is shared online, digital marketing also produces large amounts of data as an output, so law firms will know exactly who their messages are reaching, where these prospects are located and at what times of the day these messages are being accessed. Top lawyers can benefit greatly from the implementation of a digital marketing plan as a marketing and communications strategy. To learn more about digital marketing for lawyers, contact a marketing consultant today who can provide insight into the exciting world of digital and online marketing and shed light on the myriad ways in which these strategies can propel a law firm towards success.

Digital Marketing for Employment Lawyers

Employment lawyers have a huge responsibility when it comes to assisting their clients with their various workplace or other labor-related concerns. This is why it is so important for employment lawyers to be able to attract and retain the right clients from the very beginning. Digital marketing is a solution that can positively contribute to this process. Digital marketing takes a modern approach to generating and converting leads. The unrelenting growth of the internet has paved the way for new online marketing tools that garner results and that make a huge impact. These online marketing strategies include the use of social media platforms, email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Traditionally, employment lawyers would have placed ads in newspapers, had television commercials produced or had expensive billboards put up. Today, there are new, less expensive, digital opportunities available which aid law firms in reaching even more potential clients.

Employment lawyers can enhance their outreach by implementing any number of these digital marketing strategies. Search engine optimization for employment lawyers is particularly important since SEO employs the use of industry specific keywords—keywords that prospective customers are using to locate employment lawyers online. SEO works by ranking a law firm’s website in popular search engines such as Google or Bing. A higher ranking means more prospective clients will find the law firm’s website. Studies have shown that customers only view the first page of their internet search. Therefore, it is very important for law firms to have an SEO strategy in place that ensures their websites are being found during these internet searches. A digital marketing strategy that includes SEO for employment lawyers is an investment that boosts the law firm’s visibility, resulting in a noticeable return on investment and that boosts the number of clients the firm services per year. To learn more about SEO and digital marketing strategies, contact a specialist today who can provide guidance on the next steps required to launch a new digital marketing campaign today.

Digital Marketing for Family Lawyers

Family law practices can benefit greatly from digital marketing campaigns that attract new customers into their businesses. Digital marketing represents an improvement on traditional marketing channels which were typically used by family law firms in the past. Digital marketing tactics are those that are conducted entirely online—with compatibility on both computers and mobile devices. Digital outlets including social media marketing, content marketing, weekly newsletters, and skillfully designed, keyword enriched websites are all important facets of a family law firm’s digital marketing approach. The advantages of digital marketing for family lawyers are incredible. These strategies equip law firms with the tools necessary to engage and compel prospective customers into action, eventually converting them to paying customers.

Digital marketing continues to grow in popularity as more and more law firms are using technology to advance their brand’s reach. Marketing online provides unique opportunities to interact with potential customers. What’s more is this new age way of marketing is a very inexpensive approach when compared to traditional means of marketing. Traditional outlets such as printed direct mailers, newspaper advertisements and television commercial have always taken up a significant chunk of a law firms’ marketing budget. By contrast, digital marketing offers an online alternative that provides more exposure for the business, for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing channels.

Additionally, online marketing is rich in valuable data that family lawyers can use to their advantage. This data can be analyzed for patterns of online behavior such as what the prospective client clicked on while visiting the firm’s website, what they liked on social media accounts, as well as how long they stayed on certain pages of the website. Digital marketing for family lawyers allows the firm to deliver messages that can be tailored directly to the needs of the customer. Marketing online is a very valuable strategy that can be launched with little cost, but for maximum results. For additional information regarding digital marketing, contact a professional today who can fully examine the marketing needs of your family law firm and craft a compelling digital marketing plan based on the needs of your business.

Digital Marketing for Criminal Attorneys

The internet has been revolutionary in that it has changed the marketing landscape forever. Digital marketing has changed the ways in which customers research companies online and has also changed the ways in which they make decisions prior to making a new purchase. Law firms can use the internet to reach customers in a number of ways. These include email marketing, creative website design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and content marketing. Criminal attorneys can benefit from these digital marketing strategies and thereby boost their online presence significantly, simply by implementing any of these approaches for noticeable results.

Digital marketing provides an effective solution that is results-driven. In other words, digital marketing benefits the law firm in a major way. Digital marketing builds brand awareness helps to foster relationships with customers and also puts the expertise of the law firm at the forefront of a specific target audience. A law firm’s website is a great starting point for achieving these results. SEO for criminal attorneys is particularly important because it optimizes a website in such a way that the website will rank highly on search engine pages when prospective customers search for criminal law firms in their area. Many law firms make the mistake of simply building a website and hoping it will receive visitors. This is hardly ever the case. Strategically incorporated SEO tactics are the key to attracting new visitors to a website. SEO for criminal attorneys’ websites means increased web and foot traffic for the firm. This digital marketing channel is important because of its ability to engage and convert leads into paying customers. Other digital content such as blogs, videos and infographics that are posted to the company’s website or social media accounts can also include these key words for optimal results. Ready to invest in the success of your criminal defense law firm? Contact a digital marketing consultant today to discuss the next steps required to create a strategic digital marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing for Civil Attorneys

Digital marketing strategies, is a results-driven approach to marketing and communications. Digital marketing includes the strategic use of social media platforms, content marketing, creatively designed websites, and search engine optimized web content. This new age way of marketing has been proven in improving a law firm’s online presence, providing law firms with the opportunity to stay two steps ahead of their competition. Digital marketing strengthens a law firm’s reach, resulting in greater online impressions on the firm’s target audience. The firm’s brand message can be personalized and tailored to match the exact needs of its ideal customers. The benefits of digital marketing are both undeniable and beneficial.

Digital marketing for civil attorneys centers on obtaining commitment from prospective leads, with the assurance that many of them will convert into paying customers. This process of lead conversion is based upon the firm’s ability to provide engaging content that customers find relevant and that compels them to take action, such as calling the law firm or visiting the firm’s office. Content such as SEO optimized blog posts, creatively designed websites, interactive social media posts and tailored email marketing makes digital marketing for civil attorneys an easy strategy to implement. Other great benefits of digital marketing include its low implementation cost when compared to traditional marketing outlets, its ability to gather data about customers and its ability to reach a larger audience, all with excellent results. To find out additional ways in which digital marketing can help civil attorneys, contact a marketing specialist today who can provide expert advice on the right digital marketing campaign for an excellent return on investment.