Digital Marketing for Lawyers & Law Firms

Digital marketing is a very useful strategy that lawyers can use and greatly benefit from. Digital marketing is a flexible solution that can assist lawyers in various segments of the law including family, employment, criminal, civil and many other areas of practice; there is a digital marketing strategy available for every need. Marketing online varies significantly from traditional means of communicating a brand’s message. Most law firms are familiar with direct mailers, billboards and television commercials as their primary means of marketing. Today, digital marketing is reshaping the communications landscape by delivering timely messages to targeted audiences who are engaged with the content the law firm is providing. This content can be shared easily on the firm’s website, through blog posts, on their social media pages or via email marketing. Digital marketing for lawyers is an excellent way to augment a law firm’s current marketing efforts for a maximized approach.

Websites for: Family and Employment Lawyers, Criminal and Civil Attorneys

We create websites specifically made for the legal industry that will generate consistent and high quality leads.

Websites today are no longer a luxury – they are vital to the growth and survival of any company.  A website can become your most important marketing and lead generation tool with the proper support.  In today’s competitive marketplace, your website needs to do much more than serve as a plain online brochure for your company.  There are 3 essential elements that your website should contain if you want to generate quality traffic and calls:

  1. Easy to Use Design
  2. Client Oriented Content
  3. Continuous Search Engine Optimization and Marketing – SEO & SEM

A visitor to your site – or any site, including your competitor – is seeking answers to their questions NOW.   This means they are very active and engaged.  To capitalize on this, your site should answer the basic questions that a prospect has about the topic they are researching, AND it must give them compelling reasons why you are the obvious choice for who they should do business with.  If your site does not answer these questions in 3 to 5 seconds, they will click off and almost never return again.

Check out our existing lawyer clients for some website examples in a variety of fields.  If you want to learn more about how search engine optimization and marketing can help lawyers and attorneys, then call 973-599-1000 for a free consultation – not a sales pitch.

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