Digital Marketing for Employment Lawyers

Best Digital Marketing Aproach for Employment Lawyers

By NetLZ Consulting

Employment lawyers are tasked with the very important role of assisting clients who feel they have been wronged in the work place. As such, it is important for employment lawyers to utilize marketing strategies that effectively engage potential customers, while adequately promoting their law firm’s message and brand. Today, employees are searching for lawyers online and employment law firms stand to benefit from taking a proactive approach when advertising online. Digital marketing techniques including social media marketing, optimized websites and social media strategies help employment law firms reach a broader range of clients in a shorter amount of time. There are many advantages to digital marketing. Read on to learn more about all of the great benefits that digital marketing has to offer, including the great benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) for employment lawyers.

What Are The Digital Marketing Advantages

Making the decision to file a law suit against an employer is not an easy decision. This is why employment law firms can set the tone by delivering a message online regarding the importance of the pursuit of justice for all employees. Digital marketing allows lawyers to reach potential clients at the exact point when they are looking for information on employment law on the web.

Advantages of Digital Marketing for Employment Lawyers

  • Cost Savings. Conducting marketing online means the traditional costs associated with printing and disseminating marketing content is significantly reduced. Employment lawyers can forgo the high costs of offline printing by taking a digital approach. Traditionally, employment law firms have used popular strategies for marketing including newspaper advertisements, television and radio commercials as well as direct mailers. These passive approaches are very unlike digital marketing. With these ways of marketing, results were passive and left up to chance. This often resulted in lost revenue due to poor return on investments. Alternatively, digital marketing is a more cost effective approach that maximizes advertising dollars for noticeable results.
  • Data & Analytics. Digital marketing is data intensive, which means customer behaviors, interests, preferences and even dislikes can all be captured online. This is valuable information for employment lawyers who then can tailor their marketing message to potential customers based on this information. Digital marketing lets employment lawyers successfully measure their performance for improved marketing efforts each and every time. Marketing initiatives can be strengthened by taking a strategic approach to gathering this customer data, interpreting it and then catering the firm’s marketing messages accordingly.
  • Engage and Convert.  At the heart of digital marketing is conversion. Conversion, or the process of turning prospective customers into paying customers, is fueled by engagement. In other words, providing customers with content that addresses their needs and that provides them a means for interacting with the business is a key component to digital marketing. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, fully optimized websites with call to actions and persuasive email marketing should all be used to attract, engage, retain and convert potential customers into committed clients of the law firm.

SEO Strategies for Employment Lawyers

It is important to mention the importance of SEO for employment lawyers. SEO or “search engine optimization", is the use of optimization strategies that work together to get the website to rank on page 1 of search engines. SEO consists of both on page optimization and off page optimization strategies, your SEO team will work with you to optimize your existing website, or build a fully optimized site and will then create a customized plan to get your site to rank on page 1 for good keywords that your customers are searching for and that will attract the right audience to your website. Customers are looking for employment lawyers in their area and they use search engines such as Google to conduct their research online. This is why it is so important for law firms to have the precise, SEO-based key words included on their websites.

All in all, digital marketing for employment lawyers will result in law firms that are memorable mainstays in the minds of prospective customers. A solid approach to digital marketing will lead to online success for the law practice. Choose a company that can help develop a digital marketing strategy and online presence for your employment law firm. For the law firm to succeed choose a marketing agency that provides guidance on digital marketing with services such as SEO, SEM, social marketing, and content marketing for employment lawyers.