Digital Marketing for Civil Attorneys

How Online Marketing Helps Civil Attorneys

By NetLZ Consulting

For civil attorneys who would like to expand their law firms and reach a much larger audience of potential customers, digital marketing provides a great solution. Digital marketing provides civil lawyers with an opportunity to obtain new clients and revitalize their operations. This modern approach to marketing is reliable, easy to implement, and produces results.

By using social media, websites, search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing strategies, law firms specializing in civil law can now achieve online marketing success with ease. Read on to learn more about all of the great benefits associated with digital marketing for civil attorneys.

Importance of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Civil law attorneys can reap many benefits when they include digital marketing as a part of their overall marketing strategy. A solid digital marketing strategy can serve as the backbone for all of the firm’s online outreach efforts. For instance, digital marketing on any of the various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest) will result in new followers and increased interest in the law firm. However, prior to implementing the social media strategy the law firm should determine a milestone of how many new followers they would like to obtain in a specified timeframe. If this goal is achieved, then the social media platform of choice and the content delivered is working. However, if these anticipated results are not obtained, then a new digital marketing approach may be needed. The beauty of digital marketing is that it can be implemented quickly but also modified or changed just as quickly.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

The importance of marketing a law firm’s services cannot be denied. If a law firm does not market, then it cannot obtain new clients. In the past, law firms used traditional techniques such as television commercials, ads in newspapers, billboards and radio slots to reach potential customers. The increased popularity of the internet has created new opportunities for marketing and has changed the marketing landscape forever. Here are several advantages to digital marketing for attorneys:

  1. Cost Savings. Since digital marketing is done entirely online, there are up front savings which the law firm will notice immediately.  Traditional marketing materials have high costs of production and printing.  With digital marketing, these same marketing messages can be disseminated online without these additional costs.  Even videos can be produced for a fraction of the cost.  Some companies have even recorded successful video messages on mobile phones and then uploaded these messages to social media accounts, reaching new customers and providing valuable content.
  2. Data & Analytics. Digital marketing produces big data which can be analyzed for patterns.  Data as an output is a key factor that makes digital marketing a superior alternative when compared to traditional marketing campaigns.  Data, including customer demographics, locations and online behavior can all be obtained with digital marketing.  This information is a gold mine for civil law attorneys who can take this information and tailor their marketing messages accordingly.
  3. Engage and Convert.  Lastly, the content produced during the digital marketing process, if engaging and relevant, can lead to conversions.  Captivating content will persuade potential customers into taking action including contacting the law firm directly for a consultation.  This is an opportunity to convert these interested parties into paying clients, thus growing the law firm’s business.  A good digital marketing strategy will improve a law firm’s online presence and will result in increased leads that convert to long-term clients.

The bottom line is that digital marketing for civil attorneys works. Digital marketing enhances a law firm’s ability to reach new customers, communicate the brand’s message and obtain results in the form of new clients. Contact an experienced digital marketing consultant who can assist with creating a high-impact strategy that will lead to online marketing success.