Digital Marketing for Criminal Attorneys

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By NetLZ Consulting

Criminal attorneys can reap all of the benefits that digital marketing has to offer by implementing a few strategic digital marketing practices that will take their marketing efforts to the next level. Digital marketing is marketing that is conducted exclusively online. Digital marketing includes the following: fully optimized, keyword enriched websites, social media network marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) for criminal attorneys, to name a few.

Digital marketing is unlike traditional marketing, where the latter took a more passive approach to communicating with prospective customers. Digital marketing which is proactive and lets the company initiate contact with the client. Digital marketing is enhanced with engaging content that potential law clients find valuable regarding their personal legal matters. Read on to learn more about digital marketing for criminal attorneys.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

There are many advantages associated with digital marketing for law firms and at the heart of every digital marketing campaign is performance. Digital marketing provides criminal attorneys with a strategic advantage that lets them reach target audiences much faster and with better results than traditional, offline marketing strategies. Digital marketing has the following advantages:

Engage and Convert

Digital marketing and conversion go hand-in-hand. Conversion refers to the ability of a business to convert potential customers into paying customers by way of the content it shares through its marketing campaigns. Branded content that is compelling, engaging and rich in valuable information has the potential to increase the conversion rates of criminal law firms. Digital marketing allows this content to be shared effortlessly over social media networks, via email and on law office websites. For instance, videos that go viral are an excellent example of how the YouTube platform has propelled many companies to the forefront, placing them in front of a much wider audience real-time and even shared on a global scale in many instances. What’s more is that this ability to convert is based off of the data that is obtained from these efforts. Websites, social media accounts and email marketing reveal patterns regarding the behavior of these leads. Analyzing this data and narrowing down on a specific target audience will substantially increase the chances for conversion. Digital marketing campaigns are easily implemented and just as easily deactivated or modified for maximum outcomes.

Performance & SEO

SEO strategies are important for the marketing and success of a website because good SEO converts leads. A skillfully designed website that is fully optimized will rank highly in popular search engines. SEO for criminal attorneys is based on localized SEO strategies that ensure the law firm shows up in the search results of local prospects that are searching for criminal attorneys in their area. This is especially important for law firms who service multiple geographic areas and who need to target potential customers who reside in these specific locations. For example, customers residing in New York may search for “Criminal lawyer in NYC” in order to launch their online search for a local criminal attorney. An optimized website that includes these keywords will ensure the law firm shows up in these results. SEO itself is unique because keywords can be included on any page of the website, including the website’s blog, for a fully optimized marketing experience.

There are many reasons why criminal attorneys should not hesitate in implementing a digital marketing strategy today. A digital marketing strategy that is based on engaging content, conversion, performance and SEO for criminal attorneys will maximize the law firm’s results and boost the number of clients they service. Digital marketing is a huge factor that can define and determine a law firm’s online success. For expert tips and sound advice,contact a digital marketing agency that can can analyze the law firm’s online presence and craft a strategic digital marketing campaign plan for remarkable results.