Digital Marketing for Lawyers

How Digital Marketing Helps Lawyers?

By NetLZ Consulting

The internet has paved the way for businesses who can now reach customers in new and exciting ways online. Digital marketing is a modern day take on communication that conveys a clear, concise marketing message to current and potential customers. Digital marketing can be conducted by way of a creatively designed website, SEO (search engine optimization) rich content, email marketing, intriguing video posts or even persuading social media posts that are limited to a mere 140 characters—the possibilities are almost endless.

Today, the marketing landscape is especially ripe for lawyers who can benefit greatly from digital marketing strategies. In fact, there has never been a better time when it comes to digital marketing for lawyers. Here are some of the great advantages of marketing online.

Advantages of Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Digital marketing includes a number of different techniques that provide law firms with an opportunity to advertise their services online. It should be noted however, that digital marketing goes well beyond simple means of traditional advertising. Long gone are the days of promoting a business and hoping customers will respond. Digital marketing takes the advertising methods of the past one step further by providing a highly efficient means of approaching customers, engaging them and then converting them all through the internet. When compared to traditional means of marketing, digital marketing is an effective, results-driven alternative that has the potential to delight the customer in ways not previously imagined. Here are three of the top advantages to digital marketing:

  • Cost Savings. When compared to expensive offline means of marketing digital marketing is the most budget-friendly option.  Law firms have been plagued for years by high printing costs, low returns on investment and unpredictable results, as they have attempted to reach clients by way of direct mailers, newspapers, television commercials, and even billboards.  This is not the case for online marketing.  Digital marketing requires a very low investment while offering maximum returns.  Digital tools and platforms help lawyers reach a much broader audience, much faster and with reduced costs.  This is especially helpful for newer or smaller law firms that have limited advertising dollars.
  • Data & Analytics. Digital marketing is data driven, providing quantitative, actionable results.  Data is analyzed, revealing precise performance patterns.  Digital tools provide valuable data that reveals customer’s behaviors online.  For instance, customer click rates, duration spent on websites and geographic locations can be discovered.  These are all important factors that provide insight into the wants and interests of potential customers.  This data lets lawyers remain adept in their practices as they can now analyze data for targeted marketing approaches.
  • Engage and Convert.  Very closely related to data and analytics is the ability of this information to result in conversion.  In other words, digital marketing for lawyers provides a forum to engage customers with content that they find interesting.  This content provides law firms with the ability to connect with customers who in turn, interact with the law firm.  This leads to long-term relationship building as lawyers can now take a proactive approach by offering branded content that involves the customer and encourages them to take action, often creating a memorable experience, leaving a lasting impression of the law firm in the minds of the customers.

The benefits of digital marketing are undeniable and a solid digital marketing strategy can help law firms successfully market their services and reach new customers. No matter the type of law firm—employment, family, civil or others, there is a digital marketing approach for everyone. For lawyers, digital marketing represents the trajectory they need to reach their advertising goals and to make a real impact on their clients’ lives. Digital marketing is usefull for any size law office from small, solo practice to a big law firm. Digital marketing can serve all type of law practices, including divorce and family law, employment law, business and commercial, real estate, personal, estate, ethics, immegration, international, and all other legal matters.