How to Choose an Employment Lawyer

How to Choose an Employment Lawyer

It is very important for clients who have faced mistreatment in the workplace to find the right employment lawyer for their legal needs. Filing a lawsuit against a current or former employer can be a difficult decision but an attorney who specializes in employment law can provide clarity, guidance and expertly represent the facts in the case, all in the pursuit of justice.

Instances such as workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, lack of overtime pay and issues of safety are all grounds for filing a claim in court. Here are a few suggestions on choosing the right lawyer.

Choosing the Right Employment Lawyer

Injustices in the workplace are serious matters and any violation of an employee’s rights provides grounds for a claim against the employer. Therefore, it is vital for clients to conduct research so they can make the most informed decision regarding the lawyer of their choice. Here are 3 areas to consider when choosing the best employment lawyer:

1. Check their educational background and experience

Choosing the right lawyer with the right specialty, background and expertise is essential for a client’s case.  Consider the lawyer’s degree and experience with cases similar to the client’s.  A lawyer who has experience with similar cases will be able to draw on lessons learned from those prior cases and will have clarity with regards to the best approach to obtaining the best outcome for the client.  Also, keep in mind that many lawyers specialize in a number of areas including civil, family, estate planning or corporate law.  Prior to hiring the lawyer make sure they actually specialize in employment law specifically.

2. Consider their process and how they practice law

A good lawyer will display professionalism from the first interaction through the end of the case and beyond.  This includes how often they communicate with the client regarding the status of the case, how often they reach out to the client and if they discuss any delays or other difficulties of the case.  The lawyer’s philosophy and how they approach the law process are also important indicators as to whether or not the lawyer is a good fit.  Some clients may seek lawyers who are creative and quick on their feet whereas other clients may want a lawyer who takes a more aggressive approach.  Either way, the best employment lawyer will adequately meet the needs of the client.

3. Consider other qualities.

A good lawyer strives for an on-going business relationship.  The attributes of the best employment lawyer include professionalism, and expertise.  A good lawyer will be confident and will believe in the positive outcomes that can be obtained.  A good lawyer is also someone who is passionate about their craft and who is results-oriented every step of the way.  A lawyer who is not fully invested in the case will not be able to represent the client or the facts in a well-planned manner.  Clients should use their gut feelings when deciding on whether or not the lawyer is taking the case seriously.  Furthermore, a good lawyer will display empathy and compassion while working with the client.

The aforementioned considerations, while not an exhaustive list of all that is required to choose the best employment lawyer, are a good starting point for those who need representation in their workplace-related legal concerns. Choosing a lawyer can have huge implications on the client’s life, career and reputation, so choosing only the best employment lawyer, who has the client’s best interest at heart, is of the utmost importance. Click here to see a list of the top employment lawyers in your area.