How to Choose a Criminal Attorney

How to Choose a Criminal Attorney

For citizens who have been charged with crimes, it is imperative for them to secure a top criminal attorney as quickly as possible. The one question that many clients ask is this: what are the criteria used for selecting the best criminal defense attorney who will get the job done, both professionally and efficiently? Choosing a lawyer does not have to be a difficult task. In fact, following a few simple tips will provide the leverage needed to choose the most talented criminal lawyer. Read on to learn more about choosing criminal attorneys, what to look for and what to avoid.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

Choosing a criminal defense attorney will take some effort, but these efforts will pay off in a big way if the right lawyer is chosen the first time around:

  • Narrowing Down the Search
Begin the search for a criminal attorney by first asking loved ones and colleagues about their experiences with certain lawyers.  They may be able to provide a good recommendation for a lawyer or they may alternatively provide advice on which lawyers to steer clear of.  Next, conduct adequate research on the internet.  Search for criminal defense attorneys online and then screen them based on the information discovered.  When conducting research online explore the attorney’s website and any other sites that provide reviews of the lawyer’s services.  Pay close attention to both good and bad reviews as these may provide clues as to how the lawyer works, if they are efficient and if they get the job done.
  • Educational Background, Experience and Expertise
Next, consider the attorney’s education, background and experience.  Criminal law continues to evolve and every year states across the country set precedents with new legislation.  As such, it will be important to choose a lawyer with a law degree who has been admitted to the bar.  It is important to only choose an expert who can successfully navigate the complexities associated with the criminal law system.  Next, consider how many years of experience the lawyer has.  A seasoned lawyer will have the experience necessary to have learned lessons from previously handled cases.  Lastly, consider whether or not the lawyer is affiliated with any reputable associations, has received special recognitions/accolades from the community or served on highly publicized cases in the past.

  • Make an Appointment for a Consultation
After all of these criteria have been reviewed, set up a free consultation with the lawyer.  Top criminal attorneys often offer free, low cost, or no obligation consultations.  Meeting the lawyer face-to-face will reveal how well the client and the lawyer may work together.  This time will also be an opportunity for the lawyer to explain the benefits of their services, offer advice and reveal their expertise in a compelling manner.  For example, does the lawyer easily build rapport with the client?  Does the lawyer seem to be a good communicator?  Does the lawyer make the client feel comfortable?  These are all considerations to make during the initial consultation.

  • Other Qualities of a Good Lawyer
Other qualities to consider when choosing a criminal attorney are their record of performance and their reputation.  In other words, is their firm a performance-based one that focuses on advancing cases?  Regarding reputation, are they known for their professionalism, are they in good standing with the bar association, and do they conduct business in an ethical manner?  These are all qualities to consider when searching for a top criminal attorney.  They should have a stellar track record of success.

Taking all of this into consideration, hiring a good lawyer can be a simple process if the necessary research is performed in advance. Click here to see a list of the top criminal attorneys in your area.